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Enterprise Web-Based Mortgage Software

PCLender is the leading provider of enterprise Web-based mortgage software and mortgage lending technology solutions for mortgage companies, credit unions and community banks. Since 1997, our cost-effective solutions, low-maintenance tools, and expert services have helped streamline mortgage lending operations from marketing and origination through closing, secondary marketing, warehouse line management, investor delivery and loan-level reconciliation.

Offering complete functionality at a fraction of the typical cost, our platform enables lenders to originate loans with compliance, scalability and profitability built into the process. Fully hosted mortgage Software as a Service (SaaS) allows lenders to reduce ownership and costly upgrades, simplify and accelerate system implementation, enjoy worry-free security and benefit from a centralized data repository. Our loan origination software (LOS) combines the most critical operations on a single platform, bringing about a more unified workflow, minimizing data input errors, monitoring efficiencies and enabling enterprise performance reports.

PCLender's new generation of technology solutions redefine the business of mortgage lending.

PCLender Mortgage Software
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PCLender provides customized mortgage software solutions for:
Credit Unions
Credit union lending operations require automation that is simple to use and facilitates high levels of member service while improving compliance and reducing costs. Since they would prefer to minimize, if not eliminate, the need for system maintenance the best option is a fully-hosted, web-based mortgage software solution.
Mortgage Bankers
Mortgage bankers are serious about adopting Fortune 500 business management and risk mitigation practices. Executing quality lending processes requires that bankers focus on best business practices from an enterprise vantage point. From loan origination to post-closing, bankers have a renewed appreciation for individual loan compliance and profitability. Learn more about PCLender's mortgage banking software solutions.
Bank Lenders
Bank mortgage lending operations serve multiple masters and demand a multi-faceted compliance approach. Data security is paramount, and adherence to investor requirements has never been more critical. PCLender LOS has been developed and refined to deliver compliant mortgage lending automation reliably.